Week 2, Day 1: Holy

dreamsDan Weyerhaeuser, Senior Pastor

Hi, my friend.

When I introduced the Devotional Challenge, I suggested you could do these in 15 minutes or an hour. If you do everything I’ve written here it will be closer to an hour. But if you don’t have that much time, you can 1) take a shorter time to get still, and ask Jesus’ help, 2) read the text until you find one attribute of God, and 3) just dwell on that one characteristic through the day.

So here we go…. Take a deep breath, then another, then another. Pause to remember that the Creator of the Universe is waiting to meeting with you (I mean that). Turn over to Him one by one the things that are crying out for your attention (I mean that, too). Ask Him to manage those things during this time so that you can give your Father your undivided attention. Then ask your Father to bless your visit, to help you see Him, and know Him, through His Word.

Read Ex 3:1-5 twice out loud.

What are the first things that God showed Moses (and us in this text) about Himself? Write each attribute down in an “Attribute” column. Reflect on what God is like in these verses (Take your time). Talk with Him about these things. Why are they good? Why do they show He is amazing? Tell Him so.

Read Ex 3:6-10. What are the things God showed Moses in this text about Himself here? Write each attribute in the “Attribute” column. Reflect on these things about the LORD!

Read Exodus 3:11-14. What are the things God showed Moses in these verses? Write down more attributes below, talking with God about each one as you do.

Now, next to each attribute of the Lord you have written down, go back and write down how each one makes a difference in your life. Then take time to thank the Lord for each one (and take your time speaking with Him!).

Ask the Lord to bring to mind areas that you need to confess. Do so.

Who are two people you know who don’t know Him? Pray for them that God would open their hearts and give you a chance to love them.

What things are before you today that you need the Lord’s help with? Ask His leading and help that in each of these things, He would be honored!

When will you remember today these attributes?

How’s THAT for a way to start your day?

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