Week 3, Day 2: Faithful & Unchanging


by Dan Weyerhaeuser, Senior Pastor

Welcome to your 12th day of meeting with your Father. Take a couple of deep breaths, then turn your attention completely to Him. Remember, hurry diminishes your capacity to love. It also hinders your ability to listen. Try to still yourself as you focus your attention upon Him. Take a few minutes sitting with Him, knowing He is with you.

Read Malachi 3:1-6 

It is amazing how many passages tell us of the coming return of God. Here, 400 years before Christ, the last Old Testament book written includes this description of Christ’s return.

V. 1-5: What are attributes that you see of God here? Write them down and, as we have gotten into the habit of doing, pause over each one and talk with God about it.

The attribute of God we are looking at this week is “Immutability” or God’s unchanging character. What does v. 6 tell us about this?

A quick theology lesson

The gods of pagan religions are constantly changing. They can be angered, bribed, coerced, threatened by other “gods,” etc. In contrast to them is the God of the Bible who does not change and cannot change. The world cannot influence except as He allows it. Therefore the plans God set in motion will not change, His will to accomplish His will, will not change (got that?), His promise to love you will not change, His work of redeeming you will not change. He is utterly faithful!

Under a second column, write a few lines to God and express how His unchanging character impacts your life.

Ask the Lord to bring to mind areas that you need to confess where you have NOT been faithful. Do so.

Pray that your family, friends, and church would be encouraged by the faithfulness of God. Ask God to make this known in their lives.

Who are two people you know who don’t know Him? Pray for them that God would open their hearts and give you a chance to love them.

What things are before you today that you need the Lord’s help with? Ask His leading and help that in each of these things, He would be honored!

When will you remember His faithfulness today?

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