Week 3, Day 3: Faithful & Unchanging

dark-leaves-raindrops-roseby Dan Weyerhaeuser, Senior Pastor

Take a few minutes to get still before God. Ask Him to speak to you through His Word exactly what you need to hear this day.

Question 1: Have you ever done anything you regret? Think of a thing or two.

Question 2: How does it help you to know that God has no regrets about His choosing you?

Read Romans 11:29 three times out loud. Then read the verse again, asking how each word contributes to the point of the verse.

Paul tells us that the gifts of God are “irrevocable.” The King James version of the Bible tells us that the gifts and calling of God are “without regret.” By “gifts,” Paul means the spiritual gifts God has given you. They are irrevocable because God gave them to you. He didn’t make a mistake. His plan before the beginning of time was perfect and your gifts are a part of His perfect plan. Think about that for a while and tell Him what you think about it.

Paul tells us the calling of God is “irrevocable.” He did not make a mistake in calling you. He has no regret in calling you because this would mean He made a mistake. His love for You was decided upon before the creation of the world (Eph 1:3-14). Think about that for a while, and tell Him what you think about it.

While God’s sovereign choice of us and our free will are a mystery (over which there is debate), don’t let your questions about this keep you from taking in and believing the truth of the verse right before you.

New practice: Write this verse down on a piece of paper and take it with you through your day. Take it out at the top of each hour and pray.

Who are two people you know who don’t know Him? Pray for them that God would open their hearts and give you a chance to love them.

What things are before you today that you need the Lord’s help with? Ask His leading and help that in each of these things, He would be honored!

When will you remember His faithfulness today?

Now go into the world as a Christian!

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