Week 3, Day 4: Faithful & Unchanging


by Dan Weyerhaeuser, Senior Pastor

Good morning! Yet again, God has been waiting for this time to be with His child, and smiling! Thank Him. Take a couple of minutes (actually take a couple of minutes) to get still before God with your eyes upon Him.

We keep pressing into how it makes a difference for us that God is unchanging. Read James 1:17 three times out loud. Then read the verse again, asking how each word contributes to its meaning.

What good things in your life come from God according to this passage? List the first 35 good things in your life you can think of.

How do you feel about what God has done? Talk to Him about this. Thank Him for each one.

The promise of James 1:17 is that the God who has given you these blessings does not change. He is not like the sunlight that comes and goes every day. He is unchanging, unshifting, completely faithful! How do you respond to the idea that the Great Blesser of your life, whose greatest blessing is a relationship with Himself, is never going to change? Talk with Him about this.

Are there ways that you have not trusted His faithfulness? Confess these to God and ask His forgiveness.

Pray for the peace and hope that you experience from this text to be upon your family and friends.

Write James 1:17 down. Take it with you through your day! Pull it out at the top of each hour, take a breath, read it, and remember the God of this text is with you.

Who are two people you know who don’t know Him? Pray for them that God would open their hearts and give you a chance to love them.

What things are before you today that you need the Lord’s help with? Ask His leading and help that in each of these things, He would be honored!

When will you remember His faithfulness today?

Now carry the peace of God into your world!

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