Week 4, Day 2: God is Everywhere


by Dan Weyerhaeuser, Senior Pastor

Welcome to another day filled with the presence of a God who is everywhere!

Take a few minutes to get still. You are about to spend time with your Father in Heaven Who is the Almighty. You want Him to have your full attention.

How does it help you to remember God is fully present every place you are?

Read Jeremiah 23:23-24 three times out loud.

What are five observations you can make about God from this passage?

How might a rebellious person feel about what this text shares?

How glad are you that He fills the heavens including every secret place you will ever be? Share that with Him.

As you conclude: What is one truth about God from this text you can take through your day? How can you remember it?

Can you think of two people you will see today who don’t yet know the joy of Christ? Take a moment and pray for both of them, that God’s Spirit would give them new birth. Then watch for how He brings you two together.

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