Week 5, Day 1: Behold Your God


by Dan Weyerhaeuser, Senior Pastor

Hello my friend,

Welcome to a new week, and a new focus upon our God. We turn a corner this week to begin preparing for Christmas by behold our God Who comes close. After Adam and Eve sinned, a barrier descended between us and God. This was not His judgment, or we would have been killed. But it was necessary since we could not see our holy God and live. The Bible is the story of God’s fulfilling His plan to restore His creation and gathering to Himself a redeemed people who call Him Father, thought Christ. Today, let’s look at His plan, promised and fulfilled.

Begin by getting still for a few minutes. We do this because your goal is not to grow in your relationship with ideas about God, but with Jesus Himself.

Ask Him to speak through His Word.

Open to Exodus 29:45. As we did last Friday, read through this passage one time for each word, emphasizing each word and considering what it tells you, then speaking with God about each statement. In the ESV, that’s 13 times through.

What do we learn about the desire of God from this text?

Open to John 1:1,14 The tabernacle that Moses would build (Exodus-Leviticus) in which the LORD would dwell in the midst of God’s people, pointed to a better “tabernacle.” Read John 1:1, 14 together 3x. What do these verses tell us? Talk with God about this (Praise, Confession, Thanksgiving)

As you conclude: What is one truth about God from this text you can take through your day? How can you remember it?

Who are two people you will see today who don’t yet know the good news that God has come close in Christ? Take a moment and pray for both of them, that God’s Spirit would give them new birth. Then watch for how He brings you two together. 

He is close to you as a God incarnate. I am praying you experience Him in this way!

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