Week 6, Day 2: Loving


by Dan Weyerhaeuser, Senior Pastor

When we look at the “love” of God, we are looking at more than one of God’s many attributes. We are looking at His being. In the same way that God “is holy” (meaning there is no part of Him that is not saturated with holiness and He cannot ever not be holy), so He “is love.” At every moment of every day in every situation, He cannot be anything other than perfectly loving. NOTE: His love and holiness do not compete… His love is saturated with His holiness.

Today we’ll look at two texts that help us get how His love is unique!

Take a few minutes to get focused. Turn your attention to Jesus, who is with you. Ask Him to help you give Him your full attention. Take some time with this.

Ask Him again to speak to you from His Word.

Read Jeremiah 31:1.

  • “Everlasting love” means love that has no beginning. What does this text tell us about God’s love for you and His people? Talk to Him about this.
  • One person has said, “God will can never stop loving you because He never started.” What does he mean by this?
  • How does this impact you? Speak to Him about this.

Read Romans 5:5.

Wow! “Poured” here does not describe measured, miserly, drip-by-drip skimpy filling of a glass. “Pouring” is filling a shot glass with a 50 gallon barrel. Read Romans 5:5 again. How do you respond to Him about this?

The tense of “poured” is “perfect tense” in the New Testament language. That describes a perfected, permanent, unchanging state. How does this help you? Tell Him.

God’s love is not separate from His presence (when you love someone, you want to be near and with them). What does it mean that He has “poured His love into our hearts through the Holy Spirit who has been given to us?” What do you say to your Father in Heaven about this?

As you conclude: What is one truth about God from these texts you can take through your day? How can you remember it?

Can you think of two people you will see today who don’t yet know the joy of Christ? Take a moment and pray for both of them, that God’s Spirit would give them new birth. Then watch for how He brings you two together.

Go spend your day with the God Who loves you with an everlasting love!

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