Alpha Week: Persistent Prayer

This last Sunday, we heard how God is transforming lives through Alpha. This week, we are hearing stories of people at Lakeland whose lives are being transformed by Jesus in so many ways.

Be encouraged – He wants to work in your life and heart today too!

After this story is a short reading and some thoughts for the day.

Derrick, who’s long time friend came to Christ

On December 29th my friend Joe accepted Jesus as Lord and Savior of his life!!!

Our journey started when Joe’s Mom introduced me to him at church over seven years ago. Joe was a teenager and was excited about his first motorcycle. His mom was very concerned and looked for Godly men at church with the same passion for motorcycles. Someone suggested that she should speak with me, and when she asked if I would mentor Joe, I found it difficult to say no. As a single guy I did not feel equipped to mentor a young teen, but yet I felt led to agree to spend time with Joe even with my busy schedule of work, motorcycle ministry, and running the parking teams at church.

Joe enjoyed riding with Christian bikers, and saw examples of men radically living out their faith. Our friendship grew more when we started weekly accountability lunches several months prior to him moving to the U.K. with his Grandparents. Joe’s move to the UK was actually him seeking independence from his Mom, Church and God,

Fast forward to Joe’s recent Christmas visit home . . . he is older now, a Firefighter with the London Fire Brigade (Picked on for being a skinny American), no real friends in the UK and is now married (with a wife wanting a divorce). We met for lunch two times before Christmas and we met once more before his flight back to the UK. During our last lunch he said that he felt helpless to fix his own problems and for the first time his eyes are now open to the true weight of sin in his life and how his sin has effected others. I mentioned that only Jesus can remove that weight of sin from our lives, if we only repent and trust in Him. I asked if he was ready to trust in Him today and he said ‘Yes, to Jesus as his Lord & Savior.” (Praise God!)

The funny thing is that Joe is now asking for accountability because he wants it, but seven years ago he asked because his mom demanded it. Praise God! He transforms lives!

Passage for the day: Luke 18:1-8.

The point of Jesus’ parable is simple: If an unjust judge will finally grant the wishes of a widow who won’t leave him alone, how much more will our Father in heaven answer our prayers with His best will? Therefore let’s continue to pray and not loose heart!

Is there someone you have been praying for for a long time? Keep at it! They are no match for God!

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