Alpha Week: Matt’s Rescue

This last Sunday, we heard how God is transforming lives through Alpha. This week, we are hearing stories of people at Lakeland who’s lives are being transformed by Jesus in so many ways.

Be encouraged – The God who is transforming others can change your heart today too!

After this story is a short reading and some thoughts for the day.

Mark who was rescued by Jesus

I guess I could not have been more oblivious at the time, but looking back now, the signs were always there. It was an average October day as I raced to make it in time to take my mid-term exam.

I ran past a fellow student handing out fliers; he stopped and introduced himself to me, said his name was Albert, and said that he was recruiting people to come to a Bible study hosted by the Campus Crusade. At that point in time, I was entrenched in a life of sin, running a party house and distributing drugs to local drug dealers. In my head, when Albert asked if I was interested in the Bible study, I was thinking “yeah okay, thanks buddy, I’ll get back to you.” At that time I was “too busy” and not interested. I was smart in many ways, about to graduate with a psychology degree, yet also learning how to create addicts – taking over a town’s drug habit. Unbeknownst to me at the time, I had no idea that God was using Albert  to reach out to me before it was too late…

Despite Albert’s diligent efforts to reach out and share the Gospel with me, the path I chose eventually lead to my incarceration. I did not listen to God’s warnings. Instead of fighting the Good fight, I went on to fight for drugs and money. Before I knew it, I was facing a minimum of thirty years to life in prison for attempted murder amongst many other charges.

I learned very quickly that “rock bottom” was a real place. I was 24 years old when I was arrested (or, as I like to say, rescued). God made it clear to me that through this tribulation, He was going to refine me as a man of God. To make me the man ready to serve Him and to share my testimony with someone else before it is too late for them, to maybe be their “Albert.” I thank God everyday because without His love, His forgiveness, and His Grace, I would have continued down a dark and twisted path. I once was blinded by the world, but because of the righteous discipline of the Lord, I can now see very clearly.

Today I work with Van and F.I.S.T. in sharing the Gospel with those who are as blind as I used to be. Amen!

Passage for the day: Romans 8:1

How is this incredible text helpful for you today?

What does it tell you about Jesus that this promise is true? Tell Him!

Ask Him to help you remember Him today.

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