Week 9, Day 1: Returning

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by Dan Weyerhaeuser, Senior Pastor


We can become so accustomed to life as it is that we assume it will always be this way. Jesus instructs us, however, that this is not the case with His world. Just as there was a time in history before Christ came as our Savior, and then a time after he did, there will be a moment in history when He returns to bring God’s Kingdom. God tells us this in His Word because it shapes how we look at our world and live in it. One of the clear messages to this effect is in the prayer Jesus taught us to pray in Matthew 6.

Take a few minutes to quiet your heart and turn your attention to your Father in heaven. As matters cry for your attention, “hand them over to Jesus” for this time. Ask Him to take responsibility for them as you spend time with Him. Ask for His Spirit’s help as you do to encounter Him.

Read Matthew 6:7-13, three times slowly. Don’t let the fact that you are familiar with these words rob you of reading them closely today.

V. 7-8 What kind of prayer does your Father want from you?

V. 9-10 are essentially the same prayer, restated three times in three different phrases. Can you see how this is the case? Read them again, noting how each statement is related to the others.

  • “Hallowed” means “honored” or “reverenced.” This is a prayer that all the earth would honor our Father’s name.
  • “Kingdom” is the realm where a King’s will is gladly obeyed. God’s Kingdom is occupied by people who “hallow” His name.
  • God’s “will” is done here as it is in heaven when His Kingdom has come, which happens when His name is hallowed.

Read v. 9-10 one more time, realizing how each statement conveys the same request.

Did you realize that this is a prayer for Jesus to come again? How many people world-wide have prayed this prayer how many times? This is a prayer for Jesus to return, do away with evil, and establish God’s rule on earth (the message of the book of Revelation).

Note: This prayer is not just global, but at the same time personal. If God’s rule is to come to earth, that includes in my heart and life. Question: In your heart, do you yearn for the Lord to “bring His Kingdom?” Tell Him so. Think of the areas of your life, and what they look like when you have gladly committed them to His will.

As you conclude: What is one truth about God from these texts you can take through your day? How can you remember it?

Can you think of two people you will see today who don’t yet know the returning Christ? Take a moment and pray for both of them, that God’s Spirit would give them new birth. Then watch for how He brings you two together!

Go spend your day knowing that Jesus is bringing God’s Kingdom to this place, beginning with you!

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