Week 9, Day 4: Returning


by Dan Weyerhaeuser, Senior Pastor

I said a few weeks ago, sometimes the hardest part of following Christ is just remembering that everything in life is about Him. This includes not only that He with you, but that He is returning. Jesus spoke of this and challenged His followers to live in light of the fact that He is returning… perhaps before you are done with this devotion. You will live differently if you live ready for His return.

Take a few minutes to direct your attention to Him. Hand over distractions. Ask for His help to meet with Him.

Read Matthew 12:35-40, three times.

Recall with Him again that He is returning to “bring the Kingdom of God” to the world… this same Jesus who is with you at this moment. Talk with Him about this.

V.35-36: What does He want to characterize our attitude each day? Why? How does this change you each day?

Ask His help with this. Imagine how work, school, friend-time, alone time, and play are different when you are waiting for Jesus’ return?

V. 37-40: One thing is certain – Jesus will come at a time we do not expect. Ask His help to become mindful of His return.

As you conclude: What is one truth about God from these texts you can take through your day? How can you remember it?

Can you think of two people you will see today who don’t yet know the returning Christ? Take a moment and pray for both of them, that God’s Spirit would give them new birth. Then watch for how He brings you two together!

Go spend your day knowing this place will not be forever, and that you can live for eternity today!

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