Behold Your God: One Final Note

by Dan Weyerhaeuser, Senior Pastor
My dear friend,
If you have tracked with us through our “Behold your God” series, and not only opened God’s Word every day but also taken Scripture with you from your devotions through the day, He has blessed you! David says in Psalm 1 that we live lives of solid, stable, fruitfulness no matter the circumstances when we “meditate” upon God’s Word day and night.
Going forward, you don’t need my devotional thoughts to continue. What you need simply is the pattern. In our last week, I shared the format I’d been using with the acronym R.E.S.E.T.. This pattern is what I do in my own devotions.
  • Remember: As you begin, remember what you are about to do and why it is good to meet God in His Word.
  • Empty: Take few minutes to clear your mind and heart of distractions that would keep you from focussing on Jesus in His Word. Christian meditation is not “emptying” yourself of everything, but filling your thoughts with Christ. You are able to do this better when you hand over to Him at the start the things that would distract you from him. This also includes asking His blessing on your time in the Bible
  • Scripture: Pray the Scripture, read a passage slowly and thoughtfully and then interact with the main character who is with you in that moment about Who He is according to that text and how you respond to Him. (Most of your devotional time is here!)
  • Extend: You extend God’s blessing by asking Him to bless your family & friends, including people who don’t know Him.
  • Take: Choose a verse to take with you through the day to keep “beholding” your God.
As we begin Esther this week, you might want to start there. No need to read chapters a day, just read until you come to a text God’s Spirit uses to bless you. R.E.S.E.T. with the Lord though that text, and He will bless your life.
Also, ALWAYS feel free to let me know what God is doing in your life through His Word.
Walking with you,

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