You Are My Witnesses


by Terry Erickson, Pastor of Outreach Development

You are my witnesses,” declares the Lord, “and my servant whom I have chosen, so that you may know and believe me and understand that I am he.”  Isaiah 43:10

Does Isaiah declare that we have been chosen to be God’s witnesses so that we save the world? No!  We are called to be witnesses so that we grow in our knowledge, belief, faith, and understanding of God!

This summer we are offering two opportunities for you to grow your relationship with God and to improve your witness. The first opportunity is joining the Go! Together churches in praying 24/7 for our community at the Prayer Room during the month of June. Lakeland is responsible to fill 24 one-hour slots during the four Mondays and one Friday.

The Prayer Room is a great place to get away to reflect, relax, and renew your relationship with God. The Prayer Room provides a quiet space with resources to guide you through an hour of prayer. Go! Together’s vision is to produce whole lives, nurturing families, connected neighbors, growing churches, and transformed communities. This is only possible if God does it, so that is why our first priority is to pray.

Sign up for an hour of prayer at the Prayer Room in June and discover a wonderful place to meet God.

The second opportunity for us to be His witnesses is to participate in The Let’s Eat Together campaign starting on Memorial Day and ending on Labor Day. Let’s Eat is designed to encourage us to invite our neighbors to gather around food (e.g. picnic, BBQ, dessert, cool drinks, etc). The goal of Let’s Eat is to start building a trusting relationship with one, two, ten, or more of your neighbors. We are convinced that our neighbors would like to spend time together but desperately need someone to take initiative.

Last year we suggested to our neighbors that we have a Labor Day BBQ in our neighborhood, and they thought it was an excellent idea! To our surprise, they planned, organized, and hosted the BBQ. We just sat back and enjoyed the experience. It was a hit! Our next neighborhood gathering is scheduled on May 22.  We didn’t even suggest the idea this time around.

Will you pray for your neighbors? Will you take initiative to host a gathering in your neighborhood?  Do you need some courage, some ideas, and some motivation? Help is at the Prayer Room. Sign up today for an hour of prayer and let us know you’re planning a neighborhood event!

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