Trust is Established Only in Time


By Kathi Bush MA, LCPC

Welcome back for Part Two of Building Trust in Relationships. In Part One, we introduced our topic and listed the five points I think are crucial to building trust. In this section, we’ll discuss our first (and briefest) point: Trust is established only in time.

Trust is established only in time.

Trust develops as a relationship unfolds. With some people, we feel we can trust them immediately. They’re warm, open and accepting. But a deep, life-forming, life-altering trust needs time to secure. That level of trust is established only when we can expose our emotions and vulnerabilities to another, and know we have not lost the other’s love and acceptance. It happens when we tell that person the most embarrassing, fragile parts of ourselves, and the other responds in a way that is compassionate and preserves our sense of dignity – even if he or she doesn’t agree with all of our viewpoints, behaviors or choices. Developing this type of relationship takes time.

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