Live life trusting God will show up and see if He does


by Dan Weyerhaeuser, Senior Pastor

// 30 Day Challenge: Pray every day, “Lord, meet me at my greatest point of need.” //

This last Sunday, we talked as a church about finding Christ’s strength in our brokenness. Everyone carries brokenness in their lives. Like broken and repaired pottery, we are people with breaks, cracks, wounds, weaknesses, sins, doubts and fears. Every one of us is broken. Of course, our brokenness doesn’t define us (though we can let it if we’re not careful). Nor is our brokenness all that there is to us. As Christians we are forgiven, loved, adopted, and accompanied by Christ. But we live a masquerade if we pretend to God, ourselves, and each other that there is no brokenness in our lives at all. We aren’t perfect… yet!

Gratefully, our Lord knows all about our brokenness. More than that, Jesus came to bring healing to us and will, one day, fully restore all of the brokenness of this world. In the meantime, we see that our brokenness actually “pins” us to Christ. It makes us keenly aware that it is not our strength or accomplishments or greatness that draws Him to us, but our need. He is close, especially, to the broken hearted. A broken spirit He will not despise. Actually, at the moment we are aware of our brokenness and, at the same moment, of the absolute love God has for us, His grace truly becomes sufficient for us.

During our message, I offered a 30-day challenge. This challenge is to specifically ask for God’s power “to be made perfect in our weakness” (2 Corinthians 12:9). That challenge is simple! Pray every day for 30 days, a simple prayer, “Lord, meet me at my greatest point of need.” Our greatest point of need very well may be in the middle of our brokenness. Whether it is or not, I encourage you to pray this every day. In this, you are trusting God will show up. My expectation is that He will, even if it happens in ways you do not expect. Over the last 30 days, this has been a prayer I’ve been asking, and I can point to a number of places where He has done just that. He has provided answers, given clarity, helped me, encouraged me, and made Himself more real to me in the process.

Give it a try. See if He doesn’t show up when you ask.

Follow up: As God answers your need, would you email me and tell me the story?  I can’t wait to hear!

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